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Gabby Douglas

I have really enjoyed the London Olympics 2012 thus far.  I found the opening ceremonies a bit bizzare and confusing, but the array and coverage of the events is amazing.  When I was little we sat around the tv for the Olympics and I could barely see what was going on.  On television today, espcially in HD, we can see the difference in microsecond touches at the end of the pool.  We can see the tiny details of every sport and every event.  I am amazed how sports are Olympic events...who knew Canoe and Handball were pumping out gold medal Olympians?  Mike Downey wrote an intersting article on the Joys of Obscure Olympic Sports if you would like to read more on that subject here.

I have always been in awe of the Olympians (the ones who got the TV screen time). Gymnastics, Track, Diving, Swimming etc.  Their bodies were just capable of things this clutzy geek could not eve dream of tackling.  I was inspired by their dedication, their will to win, and their representation of the United States of America.

My son has been very interested in the Olympics.  Prefering to spend his earned screentime on Tivo'd prime time coverage to his normal kiddo shows.  He roots for the USA.

After Gabby Douglas won the gold medal he wanted to watch the award ceremony.  So did I.  We watched it and he was excited to hear the National Anthem.  I had to explain the designations of Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  I had to explain why the platform had different heights.  I did not expect to have to explain the words of Bob Costas...

"You know, it's a happy measure of how far we've come that it doesn't seem all that remarkable, but still it's noteworthy, Gabby Douglas is, as it happens, the first African-American to win the women's all-around in gymnastics,"

Costas' comment caused my son to furrow his brow and say:

"Mommy, I thought Gabby was American like me." 

Beyond saying, of course she is, my words failed me.  My son wanted to understand what the color of Gabby's face had to do with Gymnastics ability. 

I am thrilled that he does not understand.  I am thrilled that he lives in a colorful world of amazing talents.  I told him that we would be considered of Irish ancestry and that everyone comes from somewhere....he was happy with that answer.

Congratulations to Gabby Douglas for her gold medal performance!


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