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Mother's Instinct

“That mother’s instinct kicked in,”[...] “You go after a mother’s kids and she’ll find herself capable of doing things she never thought she was capable of.”

The above quote was spoken by Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman and lifted from the AJC Article "Mother of two suprises intruder".

A Mother working from home with her twin 9 year olds heard the door-bell ring.  She instructed her kids to ignore it.  She feels unsafe and calls the police.  Suddenly she finds a man with a crowbar breaking in.  She takes her kids to a cawl space in her office.  She allows the intruder free reign in the house so long as he leaves her and her kids alone.  The intruder opens the door of the crawlspace and finds he is facing a .38 revolver (from the article it seems the woman was a registered gun owner).  The Mother unloads the revolver into the man's face and neck protecting her and her children.  They run to safety at a neighbor's house.

I do have the ability to work from home when necessary and I have opened the door when the bell was rung.  All of those stories were pleasant exchanges, but I will think twice before answering the door in the future.

On New Year's Eve my family watched BRAVE (the Disney * Pixar movie) for the first time. Spoiler alert... during the course of the movie the gentle, proper, and elegant Queen Elinor sees a larger than life, strong and angry bear go after her daughter.  This mild mannered woman (in bear form due to a spell) goes after the rabid bear and gets between him and her daughter.  This is definitely a david and goliath story.  I realize there is some movie magic going on, but as a mother I was moved. 

The BIG suprise for me was when my six year old son turned to his Daddy and said "that's my Mommy... that is what would happen to anyone who tries to hurt me."  What an amazing moment for me.  I am every bit the Momma Bear protecting her cub, but I had no idea how much the cub *knew* that.  Today, I wonder if the woman from Walton County's children know what a fierce protector they have in their Mother.

My own Mother, (also named Eleanor) told me when I was a little girl that the saying "Hell hath no furry like a woman scorned" is misleading.  The really scary women are those protecting their children.... seems she was right.






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Amen. Thanks for the read, great post NCG.

January 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDJS

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