The questions get harder
Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 09:40PM
Natalie Corridan-Gregg

Tech News, I read it every day.  Social Media, clearly I am a part of it.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook have united the world in new and unexpected ways. 

What happens to your digital information after you die?  I read an article to day about a Google service that will follow your wishes about your Digital Information Footprint.  For example, after a period of inactivity it will delete certain things, or give your executor your passwords etc.

Twitter has a service that will learn what you tweet about and tweet for you - after you die!

Some time ago, a woman I was close to passed away.  Her children and some friends still post on her FB page.  There are things I want to tell her, and in a way I still can.  A loss in our extended family has brought this topic even closer to home. 

This is a real situation, one I never thought about when I first started blogging, tweeting, etc.  What will my digital footprint be after I am gone.  Will companies make a new living archiving the digital footprints of loved ones so that we can remember them....a new kind of history that lives on forever?

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