Working from Home
Sunday, July 28, 2013 at 05:41PM
Natalie Corridan-Gregg

Hi all,

I had a very enlightening conversation with someone I admire recently who put a new lens on the work from home debate for me.  It has long been held as a belief that the effectiveness of working from home depends on the characteristics of the person/employee.

Some jobs lend themselves to working from home, at least occasionally.  The person has always been against working from home and I up until now had decided to agree to disagree.  When we last met they admitted they could be 10x more productive working from home....with that open how could I not ask the question?

Why are you so against working from home?  They told me that if they are working from home then one of their peers are subject to the distractions and that is not fair.  "If I am not at my desk, XXX will ask the next person who will have to figure it out because I am not here."   I had never thought much about that as I tend to use phone, and IM to connect with people most of the time that there may be some downside to one's PEERS when working from home.

In companies where face time still reigns supreme and your main 'customers' are in one place then I agree, this bares some consideration.

It was food for thought for me and wanted to share.

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