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Happy Mother's Day

I am thrilled about all the attention that the working mothers at my company have received as a result of the Working Mother Experience book project.  Today I found out that I was highlighted in an article on EMC.COM.

The article only mentions the book project in passing, but does an excellent job of detailing the environment working Mother's need.  Of course, they also mention the book.

The pride I feel about the book project and the women who participated lights me up every day.

Being a parent is hard work for mothers and fathers.  I can only tell the story I know, the working mother.

In honor of Mother's Day weekend, I wanted to wish all mothers,  Happy Mothers Day!

Family Friendly AND a Pay Cut!

Working Mothers and the 5% pay cut.

Thank you for all the emails of support. Many have reached out to me as fellow working mothers who are feeling the effects of the economy. For those who do not know, EMC announced a 5% base pay cut for employees. I have read through the emails and I can relate to all of the emotions within them. Believe me I did not bounce up and down for joy when reading the internal EMC announcement about the pay cut. I immediately went to that “knee jerk” place of what this was going to mean for me, my family, and our situation. The truth is that it took a critic to snap me out of it. In the blogosphere EMC took heat saying that this decision shows that EMC is not a family oriented company. I was angry, because for me, this decision shows that the truth is the opposite. EMC is thinking about us as a family. WE are saving 2000 jobs.

Think about it, if you sibling or parent were in trouble wouldn’t you sacrifice to help them? A small pay cut to save 2000 people is the right medicine, even if it is a tough pill to swallow for some of us. Polly Pearson posted a tweet from our all hands a post saying that there was applause at an employee all hands when this decision was discussed. EMC is made up of many incredible people. Smart people that are aware that banding together is the right choice for our business and our families.

I admire that the executives took pay cuts first, and will take another along with the rest of us. I think it is right that the least paid levels of employee will NOT be asked to take a cut. These are not pretty times in our global economy. I am comforted by the fact that I am on a winning team and that I genuinely believe EMC has a very bright future.

Dad always said,  "When the going gets tough, the tough get going". LETS GO EMC!

P.S. Dad also said, "When things are too tough for everyone else, they are just right for a Corridan."  That is another blog post for another day, but suffice to say I think I am in the right company at the right time.


The Mother Daughter Relationship

Today was the day I had been waiting for...and never knew it.  I love being a Mother.  If I need to smile all I need to do is think of my son or look at a few pictures and my day is instantly lifted.  I obsess, like many mothers, over what he eats, how much he sleeps, his manners, his clothes, etc.  I just want him to feel happy and loved 24x7.  I know that is an impossible goal, but it is something to strive for.  I often think that I am doing things differently than how I was brought up.  Sometimes I think what I am doing is better, sometimes I think it is worse.

My Mother came to visit for a playdate with my son.  I was excited to have a day to catch up on laundry, project work from my day job, groceries etc without having my son feel neglected.  It was a tremendous gift, but not the best one I received.  Toward the end of the day my Mother told me that I was a good Mother.  That my little guy is just so bright and happy I must be doing things right.  I wanted to cry.  I had no idea how much I wanted her approval until I had it.

It is common for working mothers, including this working mother, to carry the guilt of all those hours and con calls around like an albatros.  Today my Mother told me that I was a good Mother and the guilt, at least temporarily, has evaporated.  My Mother's unprompted praise is the greatest gift she could give.

She probably has no idea how much it meant to me to hear it, nor how well I will sleep tonight having heard it!!

Time out chair- I want one!

The concept of the time out in baby books is common. Whether you are a fan of this parenting technique or not is irrelevant to this post. I want a time out chair not for my son, but for myself. Time is a rare commodity for the working parent. If you add up all the things we want to accomplish in the day we quickly feel the pressure of the finite construct of time. Let’s assume for argument’s sake that you work for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours in the typical work day. That leaves 8 hours for grooming, commuting, cooking, parenting, washing, drying, errands, exercising, and finding quality time for friends and family. The working mom’s I know understand this pressure all too well. Multitasking has earned a bad rap recently, but it is a way of life for many. Personally, I try not to multitask, but manytask. Manytasking, is the game I play with myself to see how many tasks I can accomplish in a short period of time. Think of interval training applied to a to-do list! Manytasking is how I exert control over my precious 8 hours. I do tend to get a great deal done in a day, and find I have “saved time” to spend on extra stories and cuddles for my son at the end of the day. However, the concept of a time out chair appeals to me, not as a punishment, but a short mental vacation. My many tasks approach sometimes leaves me frazzled and the idea of having a chair to sit in for 5 minutes not allowed to do anything or talk to anyone is rather appealing! I would consider it a mini-mental health vacation. Maybe I should assign a time out chair for Mommy and send myself to it for at least 5 minutes a day?  How do other Working Mom's recharge?  I encourage your comments.


When the going gets tough...

the tough turn to other Moms.  I have had a little extra stress lately.  My job, the husband's job and some day care challenges.  When the pressure builds I find that just talking to other working Moms is my relief valve.  Hearing that we are all in this craziness together renews my commitment to making life work.  I good venting session with another working Mom (even my own) can set me to rights.  A hot stone massage would bed the icing on the cake, but who has time?