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Product Management Humor

Husband sent me a funny today.(original link to content)

Having worked for years in product management, this comic is particularly funny.


Warning, sophmoric humor involved in post.

I was walking with a dear friend yesterday who is younger than I am.  He was telling me about how he is finding himself less interested in "going out and partying" even though he is young and doing the startup thing.  I told him that it is the natural evolution of things.  When you want to buy a house, that bar bill looks unappealing.  When you care about your career sleep becomes more important. etc etc.

Saw this today and it just summed it all up.   Forgive me some of the items are on the rude side:




Should you save that paper?

I have a penchant for organization (ok it is an obsession). So I was giddy when I stumbled upon this amazing organization site tonight.  Working Mom's drown in papers.  Permission forms, medical forms, school day photo forms, etc.  This site has lots of great ideas to help with the avalanche of papers we deal with every day.

  Kudos to the author for this simple, valuable, free guide!

Article can be found here.



New Years Resolutions

I stumbled upon this blog tippytoesandtantrums tonight and loved it!  Mostly I could relate to the week leading up to New Years Eve.  Thinking about what could be accomplished, what should be accomplished, and what will be accomplished.

As many working mothers I am always trying to balance the need to relax with the inability to relax do to the never-ending to do list!  Sort of a paradox of the career parent.

I checked in on my facebook friends today.  A day I slated to be "board game blitz day" with my son.  All the games I never have time to play with him - all in one afternoon.  It was a blast.   That said, I did find myself feeling pangs of being "behind already in 2012" as I read all of the posts about "christmas trees" down and Christmas packed away for next year.   I am typically slow to let go of my Christmas decorations.  Early January has so little going for it some extra lights seem to allow it some more sparkle.  I am to be Christmas free by January 10th each year.

Anyone who gets to Valentine's Day with their Christmas lights up...well that is a home decor violation.  Those who keep them up year to say they are not reading my neurotic blog.

Scheduling time to relax and catch up at the end of the year might be the only resolution I stick to in 2012.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, but especially the working mothers!  This past week I have found myself really struggling to find time to 'do it all'.  Working, preparing for travel, all of that 'elf' work and forced socializing!  I have no magic solution other than to try to keep a good attitude.  Remember this is supposed to be FUN!

To all I wish a happy healthy holiday season and peaceful new year!