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The Working Mother Experience is a 250 page glossy coffee table book that contains nearly 100 essays written by EMC women (and one man) from around the world. The essayists share their candid perspectives on being working mothers in our fast-paced business environment.

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Economic 'He-covery' and the Race for Jobs

The He-covery.


ABC News video clip describing the inequity of the return to employment for Americans.  1.3 million jobs have been recovered.  1.1 of those have been for men. 



At dinner the other night I came across some fun anecdotal evidence.  Many of the professionals in the translation business are women.  When it comes to translating documents and instructions this professional found it hard to find men to fill those roles.  This musing is not meant to be scientific by any stretch, but it makes sense.  Work that can be done in the home that is mentally challenging would be a good niche for women globally.  Interesting.


Harvard Business Review article this morning hit me hard...

Does Female Ambition Require Sacrifice?

Link to article here


How This Work-At-Home Mom Finds Me-Time

Installment # 4  by Terez Howard
Sometimes, we stay-at-home, work-at-home moms get a bad rap.  I remember when an acquaintance of mine was shocked when she paid me a surprise visit and found me busy working at home.  I was spring cleaning my daughter’s bedroom.  “Really?” she asked, with widening eyes.
Do I look like someone who sits around all day, watching soaps by day and reality shows by night?  Just like mothers that work out of the home, I have two jobs – the housewife and the professional.  I clean my house, cook the meals, do all the grocery shopping, care for my daughter, garden, write, edit and market.  
Like most moms, I do more than what you see in an exhaustive list.  I actually do spring cleaning, I bake bread, I’m an avid coupon-clipper, I follow a preschool homeschool program for my 3-year-old, I even attempt to troubleshoot my computer.  (And I’m no techie!)
Where do I find time for me?  Here’s my secret: I schedule it in my busy day.  I keep a daily calendar to keep my home running the way I like.  At the end of the day, whether I’ve completed my to-do Iist or not, I kick back with my hubbie and watch a DVD from Netflix.
When my little Micah takes her weekly visit to Nonna and Grandpa’s house, I make sure I take some time to play piano, just for me.  
How can this work for you?  Take an honest look at your day.  Where can you pencil in finishing that great book or completing your vacation scrapbook?  If you find nothing, enlist the help of grandparents, other relatives and friends as babysitters.  Me-time is there; you just have to find it.