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Study finds that "Working Moms are fine for kids"

A working mother that I follow on twitter linked to this NYT Blog (Motherlode) The title is "Working Moms are Fine for Kids".

Spoiler alert:  Mother's who return to work do not irrevocably damage their kids.

I remain steadfast in my belief that returning to work after having a baby is a personal decision.  In my opinion both options, returning to work or being a stay-at-home Mother, work just fine for children.  Happy families is best and whatever gets your family to that happy place is all that should matter.

For those of you who felt the research showed you were "harming your children" by choosing to return to work here is evidence to the contrary.

As someone who had to go through this decision personally I know it can be a tough one.  In the end, I decided to return to work and it was the right decision for me.

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