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Introducing Terez Howard

I have reached out to a STAY AT HOME Mom to give this blog some balance.  I will continue to post from the working mother perspective, but I look forward to a series of posts from a different perspective.  Enjoy!

My name is Terez Howard.  I'm a freelance writing, stay-at-home mom.  I live in Ohio with my daughter, Micah, 3 going on 30, and my husband, Ethan, a professional violinist stuck in an Orchestra teacher's body.  I've been writing professionally for about 10 years now, most of those years spent at the newspaper's grubby world (my old editor's words, not mine).  I love sharing insights I've learn from writing and business, but mostly from parenting because let's face.  We're moms first.

A Work-At-Home Mom Makes A Confession

The moment I found out I was pregnant, my husband and I planned that I would quit my job at the local newspaper. I vowed to never return to the newspaper for many reasons, but this didn’t mean I would give up writing for good.

Now it’s more than three years later, and I’m happy to say that I didn’t give up writing. I don’t sit at a desk from 8 to 4. Instead, I sit in my home office space when my daughter sleeps, plays with Daddy or during any other spare moment. Do you know what this means?

Sure, I get to be a stay-at-home mom, a wonderful experience for any lady with the circumstances to do it. I've been the first to see all her milestones, hear her first words, teach her the alphabet.

I also see on a daily basis her violent tantrums and mouthy rebuttals. I’m the cook, housekeeper, doctor, frightener of monsters. I do it all while squeezing in blogging, marketing and networking around the cracks and corners of the day.

So, what’s my confession? Sometimes, I wish I went to the office. I wish my schedule was set in stone from 8 to 4, or even 12 to 2, as a time for writing. I’m not saying an office job is easier than a home job or vice versa. It’s simply tough being a mother, no matter where you work.

I’m saying that while I don’t regret my decision to work at home, I wonder if there’s greener grass.

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